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Multivisionshow at  the photo festival 

"Zingst 2013"

»Wilde Tiere Deutschlands« | Dietmar Nill

30. May 2013 | 20.00 Uhr




May 2013



Making of photo gallery:  snow owl movie


Plants: image 1 0f 4 thumb

photo gallery

May 2013




new highlight trailer




new video of fighting birds on youtube




Heinz Sielmann movie award at the Green Screen Festival 2012






"Fledermäuse - warte, bis es dunkel wird" (Bats, Wait Until Dark) was the most successful film at the Green Screen Festival 2012 in Eckernförde with two awards. The most important award Heinz Sielmann movie award and the award for best music. The festival in Eckernförde ist the biggest  nature film festival in germany, and the second in europe.


wilde tiere





video of the awards show (in german)

September 2012


new book with National Geographic September 2012

wilde tiere



Juli 2012


new eaglebook Oktober 2012






best nature film!

At the "Ökofilmtour 2012" the film "Fledermäuse - Warte bis es dunkel wird" (Bats, Wait Until Dark) won the award as BEST nature film.







Fledermäuse - warte bis es dunkel wird





no sound












2nd Prize at Natur Vision Filmfestival for Dietmar Nill und Brian McClatchy

at the categorie „best camera“ for the movie „Fledermäuse – Warte, bis es dunkel wird“





























Book about falcons available from October 2011.

Photos of Dietmar Nill and Torsten Pröhl























Online picture library with more than 6000 photos:






















tripod head












The Dietmar Nill Tripod Head Aluminum Perfection

The tripod head desingned by Dietmar Nill, one of Germany‘s top nature photographers, is built to uphold his uncompromising professional standards. It‘s intuitive and predictable handling make it the perfect partner for all kinds of photography. Go with the flow of a Dietmar Nill Tripod Head an it‘s easy to capture the sweeping dynamic movement characteristic of action-packed animal photography. Aim-and-shoot proficiency, breeze-like panning and quick-look/ release mechanisms highlight it‘s unique design. Another choice feature allows the photographer to mount two cameras on a single tripod and take strategic „bifocal“ shots from the camouflage tent. Long exposure photography can be perfectly executed and unwiedy telephoto lenses become a snap to handle with this versatile tripod head. The Dietmar Nill Tripod Head and full accessory package: a superior value which echoes the needs of the photographer, particularly the photographer afield.

Quality Features

- All-in-one design: only the Nill-tilt head (not a ballhead plus a video tilt head) is required to get optimum results- whether for landscape photography, macro photography or when using large telephoto lenses. Super speedy, jerk-and vibration-free performance -even with heavy telephoto equipment - and so a pan-action photographer‘s dream (camera/lens unit locks near the center of gravity providing top-notch balance) - Simultaneous, two -camera photography possible from a single tripod - Standard type Arca-Swiss quick -release camera and or lens mounting system with interchangeable mounting plates for quick-change-artist shots and all around versatility - Convenient and practical mounting plate removal - loosened with the twist of a coin (approximately 2 cm in diameter) - Arca- Swiss mounting clamp can be used as a base for making fine adjustments in macro photography - Camera and lens easily swing from horizontal to vertical format positions and back again on the tripod‘s inner U-bar - Secure horizontal and vertical camera body positioning without requiring a lens bracket - Cast from a single piece of light- weight anodized aluminium (approximately 1000 grams) - Space-saving design making it ideal for travel photography - Solid, durable and easy to maintain for rugged outdoor dependability - Comprehensive accessory package: Arca-Swiss quick-release mounting clamp with 3 camera/lens mounting plates- 60mm, 108 mm and 155 mm. - Perfect for employing spotting scopes - Excellent cost / performance ratio - Five year warrenty on all parts - Made in Germany


The new EX (Extended) version has a lower balance point. So it’s easier to balance lenses with very large focal lengths.



Classic 600,- € with 3 plates EX 700,- € with 3 plates


You can also buy the tripod head without plates:


Classic 480,- € EX 580,- € The prize for the tripod heads is without 19% Tax and shipping coasts


PDF manual








about dietmar




Why nature photography? I’ve always been interested in nature. For me it is the greatest joy to experience nature, to live in and along with it and to be able to capture what I see on film. I like to reveal and show things and moments that are normally hidden to the eye.

What's best about it? The whole actual work is great; to be outside, to be within nature, to be obsessed and to take this one next perfect photo.

What's worst about it? What I really don’t like about it is the subsequent work: lots of computer work to be done, administration and the need for marketing, to sell my work. I let other people do part of this work – looking forward to go out again carries me through the rest.

Favourite species and places in Europe? My favourite species are birds of prey as well as bats. In Europe, I prefer all regions where these animals are numerous and neither hunted nor threatened otherwise. For birds, this is the case in the newly formed German states as well as in eastern countries like Bulgaria but also in parts of northern Europe, for example in Lettland and many parts of Scandinavia.

Your specialties / skills? I am good at nature observation. I have a feeling for the situation, empathy for the animal I want to photograph, for its needs and preferences. Working with an animal means cooperation: I first realize, which animal is “willing” to be filmed and than convey, that I respect its limits, that I am no enemy.

What will you do in your next life? Exactly the same.

3 tipps for beginners 1) The most important thing is to love and respect nature. 2) But you also need knowledge about the species, its behaviour and ecosystem. So study your “subject” well before you go out. 3) Care about quality. Study the work of more famous photographers and ask yourself, why their photos make a difference. But then go out and find your own, new way.

His/her friends say: Dietmar’s motto is: images must tell stories. Aesthetics and wit create the special effect of his images, that often show interesting behaviour and exceptional moments. His creative skills, patience as well as insistence and good sense for his subjects help him to take unique shots. (Dr. Hans-Peter Schaub)

Mission for Wild wonders of Europe I am attracted to Bulgaria , as it offers nature still relatively untouched by man, a diversity and large populations hardly to be found elsewhere – together with the beautiful colours of nature to be seen in the numerous facettes of the many colourful bird species of southern Europe . Bulgaria belongs to the few places where these species have never been hunted and thus show very low flight distances. This allows to photograph animals without disturbing them and the results are images of behaviour you never see or get elsewhere. In Sardinia I encounter high specious richness as well as roosts with very huge populations of bats – and as I have been there many times before, I know the caves and where and when to find the bats. Bats as cryptic creatures, hardly known to many people, they tend to be seen as ugly and eerie. Photographing them, for me, is the challenge to combine all my technical knowledge with empathy to make the unseen visible, the unknown familiar.








Article about Dietmar Nill at the webste of Integrated Design Tools - provider of digital imaging solutions









photo and video




Videoclips and photos can be viewed at our galerie 



A selection of about 7400 photos can be downloaded at our galerie. The photos are very low resolution. You can import the pictures into Adobe Lightroom or other photography software programs. There you can search for metadata. If you are interested in photos or video film footage, just contact us.







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